Stick To Your Guns are currently on tour with CounterpartsTerrorSanction and Year of the Knife, but they're still working away at new tunes.

The tour package has come together for a split EP between the five bands with Stick To Your Guns dropping a new song titled "Dove and Fist."

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The band shared a statement with Revolver about their excitement for the split EP and how the new track came together.

"When the idea of doing a split 12-inch with YOTK, Sanction, Terror and Counterparts for the PureNoise Tour came up, we obviously wanted to do it," the band commented in a joint statement. "We made an incredible plan to deliver a new song quickly in effort to meet deadlines. Hardcore and life can be similar in that they never go quite as planned. As a result, what we have here is a demo version of 'Dove and Fist.'"

With the tight timeline the band was working under and the demo quality of the track, they're expecting to re-record the song at a later time. For now though, you can enjoy the raw hardcore beatdown they've recorded for the tour.

While Stick To Your Guns, Year Of The Knife and Terror have all put out their tracks from the EP but we're still waiting on new songs from Sanction and Counterparts. The bands will all be on the road soon for the Pure Noise Tour which runs for the majority of the summer across North America.

Check out "Dove and Fist" in the player below!

What do you think of the new Stick To Your Guns song? Let us know in the comments below.

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