[Photo credit: Travis Shinn]

It looks like things in the crowd got a little lively during Stone Sour's recent Chicago Open Air performance. So much so, in fact, that the audience started a "Fuck Nickelback" chant in the course of the band's set, according to Loudwire.

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Check out the audio-visual evidence, below, of the crowd's rallying call. Reportedly, the chant began during a brief lull in the set, just before frontman Corey Taylor started his signature Stone Sour ballad, "Bother." The unison shouting from the audience apparently elicited a huge smile from Corey.

"You guys are fucking insane," Taylor joked to the crowd. "Come on, get it out of your system. Make some fucking noise out there, beautiful, crazy bitches." Corey reportedly ended his pre-song spiel with an ostensible jab at Nickelback's lead man and outward Stone Sour cynic, Chad Kroeger, saying, "What a dick."

Why all the Nickelback hate from the audience? Well, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you're probably well aware of the public tête-à-tête between Taylor and Kroeger that started last month when the Nickelback singer described Taylor's band Stone Sour as a "Nickelback light."

Taylor, of course, responded to Chad Kroeger's self-assured declarations ("They're not as good as Nickelback," Kroeger also said of Stone Sour) in his own way: The Stone Sour and Slipknot vocalist compared the Nickelback frontman to a bucket of chicken, also bluntly proclaiming of Kroeger, "He's an idiot."

Thus, the beef became chicken, and now everybody wants some, including, apparently, Chicago Open Air attendees. Time for dinner.

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