We haven’t been able to stop thinking about Stranger Things season 3 that comes out this summer.

Now, we have something else to look forward to — a prequel comic.

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Dark House announced it will release its first Stranger Things prequel comic series called Stranger Things: Six. It contains four issues that focus on events that occurred before the first season of the Netflix show.

The story focuses on one of Eleven’s fellow test subjects in the Hawkins laboratory named Francine.

“A teenage girl with precognitive abilities, has struggled through a lifetime of exploitation only to end up the pawn of a government agency that wants to harness her powers for its own ends,” reads an official synopsis.

The first issue of the comic hits shelves May 29. You can see a preview of it today at The Hollywood Reporter.

Stranger Things season three hits Netflix July 4th. Check out a trailer below.

More Stranger Things news

David Harbour, who plays Hopper, has opened up about the “unexpected” third season of the Netflix show.

 He also said, thankfully, Hopper’s relationship with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)will be explored even more during the season. This apparently leads to something “unexpected” and “moving” when it comes to the end.

“Millie is growing up and I think that’s the terrifying thing for Hopper. He doesn’t like the idea of his baby daughter hanging out with boys,” Harbour said. “So the season starts with him a little bit uncomfortable.”

“His daughter is becoming a teenager and beginning to find herself, so that’s scarier for Hopper than any Demogorgon creature that he’s going to have to deal with,” he continued. “You get to see a lot of that throughout the season and it’s very unexpected what happens in the end and it’s very, very moving. I think episode eight is the most moving thing we’ve ever shot.”

Last week, we learned that thanks to Stranger Things the failed ‘90s Coca-Cola product called New Coke would be making a comeback.

The product became available online. However, there were a series of more failures that lead to consumers having issues acquiring the product.

To rewind, Coca-Cola announced they would be bringing back a limited number of New Coke cans in honor of the third season of the Netflix show, where the product will be featured on-screen. Also, original Coke will be available in limited-edition packages with Stranger Things designs on them.

It was the creators of the show who came up with the idea to bring back the product to promote the highly-anticipated season as it takes place in 1985, when the beverage first made its debut.

However, it was not successful as Coca-Cola pulled it from shelves only months after releasing it due to negative consumer reviews.

New Coke was later renamed Coke II, which was also short-lived.

According to Variety, the company will also launch an ad in theaters to remake the original 1985 ad. The new ad will be directed by the Duffer brothers who createStranger Things.

The news comes after the show released a new teaser showing a pool party, where Mrs. Wheeler can be seen drinking a New Coke at the :18 mark.

How excited are you for a new Stranger Things comic? Sound off in the comments below!

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