As one of the most popular shows in recent years, it's not surprising that various props from Stranger Things are being sold online. However, one particular item from the Netflix show is grabbing fans' attention.

A shopping bag from season 3's Starcourt Mall was recently put up for sale on eBay and you'll never guess how much it is being listed for.

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Stranger Things has had some pretty cool props over the years. Whether it's Eleven's box of Eggo waffles or Joyce's Christmas lights, there's plenty of items fans want to get their hands on.

Now, Stranger Things fanatics have the opportunity to own a piece of Starcourt Mall. A shopping bag from the season 3 set is up for sale on eBay, but you'll have to dig deep into your pockets for it.

The bright yellow plastic bag is currently listed for a staggering $450. According to the listing, the item is "very rare" and there aren't many of these bags left from the set. The current owner received the shopping bag from a friend who worked on Stranger Things' season 2 and 3.

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The bag "measures 15 x 12 inches and has a small rip." As well, whoever purchases the Starcourt Mall item will get a "FREE bonus small screen-used mystery piece with your order."

10 percent of the item's sale is being donated to Winn Feline Foundation which helps fund medical studies to improve cat health and welfare.

[Photos via eBay]

The eBay listing for the Stranger Things 3 bag is available to view here.

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As well, it looks like the villainous character from season 1 may not be dead after all. One Stranger Things actor recently revealed that an old familiar face may return in the new season.

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