Stranger Things season 3 debuted July 4 to the excitement of fans everywhere. While some quickly binged the Netflix series in a matter of days, there are a few still working their way through the new season.

Now, it looks like the series has no plans of slowing down, already dropping a teaser for the show's fourth season.

Check it out below!

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Taking to Twitter, Stranger Things dropped a video clip with the caption "we're not in hawkins anymore."

The season 4 teaser comes after the series posted a cryptic tweet yesterday with a simple clock and upside-down face emoji.

Who knew we could be getting a season 4 teaser so soon?

Back in July, Matt and Ross Duffer, who are behind the series, dropped a few clues as to what comes next for the show, hinting that it might actually be leaving Hawkins, IN.

The brothers shared the information in an interview with Entertainment Weekly and talked about what it’s like mapping out the next season.

According to the brothers, the fourth season already feels “very different” from season three. They added that they will “open up a little bit” in terms of plot, which means we might be seeing a lot more than just the Hawkins pool and mall.

“I think the biggest thing that’s going to happen is it’s going to open up a little bit, not necessarily in terms of scale, in terms of special effects, but open up in terms of allowing plotlines into areas outside of Hawkins.,” Matt said in the interview.

As previously stated, the third season of Stranger Things dropped July 4. Check out a trailer below.

More on Stranger Things

Fans might be surprised to hear that the Hopper we know and love was almost played by other very famous actors.

One of the most iconic characters of the popular Netflix show is Jim Hopper (David Harbour) who had an uncertain but heartbreaking fate at the end of the most recent season.

The cliffhanger only made us even more crazy about him, and now we’re learning that it all could have gone down with another person besides Harbour embodying the Hawkins local.

TV bible made by the show’s creators the Duffer brothers when they pitched the show reveals that the showrunners didn’t have Harbour as their first pick for the role.  In fact, it was intended for an actor like Sam Rockwell or Ewan McGregor.

The show was originally pitched as a single-season series, so they thought they could get two big names to play Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Hopper. Even Joyce wasn’t initially supposed to be played by the actress.

“For example, Ewan McGregor, Sam Rockwell for Hopper [and] Naomi Watts or Marisa Tomei for Joyce,” the brothers wrote. However, it ended up being Harbour, and we’re pretty pleased with the way he’s portrayed the character throughout the past three seasons.

Are you excited for the next season of Stranger Things? Sound off in the comments below!

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