'Stranger Things’ writers’ cryptic tweet further sparks 2020 release theory

Not much, if anything is definitively known about Stranger Things season four. All we know is that it’s happening. That was confirmed back in September with a teaser posted on Twitter. Now, fans are speculating we may get season four sooner than we think.

Most speculation assumed we wouldn’t be getting the next season of Stranger Things until 2021. That is because there was a 20-month gap between the second and third seasons. But thanks to Twitter, we have hope for a 2020 release.

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Thanks to the Stranger Things writers, we have a bit of hope for the future. On their Twitter account, the writers posted a cryptic tweet that was the year 2020 with the text “we’re not in hawkins anymore”. Check it out below.

The text matches exactly what was teased back in September. It is most likely a reference to the cliffhanger that season three ended with.

The only other bit of information we have regarding Stranger Things’ fourth season is the name of the first episode. Once again, the writers tweeted a picture giving us a look at the script. It’s titled “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club”.

The show is still following their status quo of naming each episode a chapter with the latest being “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.” As to what that could mean, the writers teasing “new members” in their post could mean something.

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Many Redditors have posted theories regarding the release date, with a rather savvy fan speculating we’ll have the fourth season on Apr. 03, 2020. They came to this conclusion by analyzing quite a few clues. In the behind-the-scenes set tour of season three there is a drawing of a prisoner with the number 403-X on his uniform. 403 is also the number of the hospital room where Nancy visited Mrs. Driscoll. Watch the video below.

An April release date also makes sense as the fourth season is alleged to be set in 1986—the year of the Chernobyl disaster which happened in April. Other fan theories speculate that the events of Stranger Things will play a role in how that bit of history turns out.

Until we actually get any more proof, we really have no idea what will happen.

More Stranger Things

When Stranger Things dropped their latest season earlier in 2019, actress Maya Hawke captured everyone’s attention with her role as Robin and it looks like she’ll be returning to the series.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the official Stranger Things writer’s Twitter account let it slip and quickly deleted a reply that seems to confirm Robin’s return.

If you haven’t seen the third season, it ends with hints that the characters will be leaving Hawkins. Hawke’s character is left working with Steve Harrington at a video store but she may be leaving Hawkins along with the rest of the characters in the upcoming season.

Someone tweeted at the writers to find out their favorite line from the character and they replied saying “also a season 4 line so you’re going to have to wait to get that answer.”

Luckily, despite the account deleting the tweet Bloody Disgusting got a screencap which you can see below.

Stranger Things
[Screenshot via ‘Bloody Disgusting’
Although this isn’t an official confirmation of Hawke’s return, it’s close enough to get us excited to see more from her character.

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