We've still got some time before the third season of Stranger Things makes its way onto Netflix, but that doesn't mean we won't be getting a dose of the Upside Down to satisfy us until then.

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Confirmed yesterday, a new Stranger Things inspired video game will soon be making its way into our hands.

In a series of tweets from Telltale Games, a game based on the popular Netflix series is currently being developed. Details are scarce, but it appears that the game will be available for both consoles and computers.

The popular Netflix series is the latest show to be the subject of a video game from the company, who just so happens to be the makers of games inspired by the likes of the Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones.

Season three of Stranger Things is currently being filmed with a release date expected to come sometime in 2019.

Details of the new season are still limited, but we do know that the show will see new characters come into the city of Hawkins. According to NME, we'll see the addition of three new characters and an "alternative girl."

The best news of all? Dad Steve will be returning for the third season and we seriously can't wait.

Are you excited to play the new Stranger Things video game? Let us know in the comments below!

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