Despite having its last new episode premiere more than a year ago, Stranger Things continues to dominate streaming charts, and is currently at the top of the list.

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Season two of the massive '80s sci-fi hit dropped on Netflix Oct 27, 2017, and we won't be getting season three until next year. That being said, the show's popularity has obviously remained at an all time high.

While streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu continue their refusal to share viewership data, other services allow insight.

Parrot Analytics' "Demand Expressions" takes into account a variety of factors in determining a streaming show's popularity. These factors include peer-to-peer downloads, social media, comments, and blogs, along with streaming analytics.

According to the service, Stranger Things has remained the top streaming show over the past 90 days, followed closely by Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black.

While the number itself is arbitrary, the service can provide a useful basis for comparing streaming shows' relative popularity.

“It’s now being used across the industry,” says Samuel Stadler, Parrot marketing vice president. "Netflix and other platforms continue to dismiss data like the “Demand Expressions,” but absent any firm information from those sources, it’s likely these substitutes will continue to be used."

Stranger Things has continued in popularity among its key 18-49 demographic, and maintains steady through the debuts of competing shows.

“It’s a special show, and the passion seems to be heightened,” Stadler stated. “It seems that particular show has staying power beyond anything. There hasn’t been a show that comes anywhere close to it.”

Does Stranger Things continue to hold a special place in your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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