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The upcoming third season of Netflix's Stranger Things will reportedly add some new characters among the group of supernatural monster chasers in Hawkins, Indiana. Check out the purported character descriptions below.

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As scooped by That Hashtag Show, principal photography for Season 3 of the hit Netflix show is set to begin shortly, and Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers are reportedly looking to add some new talent to the pool of actors on the program. Of course, fans of Stranger Things are no, ahem, strangers to fresh faces popping up among the Upside Down-probing crew, as Season 2 introduced us to Sadie Sink as Maxine "Max" Mayfield ("Madmax") and Dacre Montgomery as her older stepbrother, Billy Hargrove.

And though there have been plenty of rumors surrounding the anticipated Season 3 of Stranger Things—including one that the Duffer Brothers would actually depart from the popular show, which was debunked by Netflix itself, according to Comicbook.com—go ahead take a look at That Hashtag Show's reported descriptions of the probable new characters:

"Mayor Larry Kline"

Described as a classic, '80s-style slick politician, "Kline" is described as pathetic and driven only by his own interests. The studio is looking for a male, 40s-60s, to fill the role.


A morally compromised news reporter in his 50s, "Bruce" was described as outwardly sexist, overweight and bedraggled.

"Patricia Brown"

"Patricia" seems to be filing the role of the sweet, neighborhood elder. The studio is looking for a woman in her 70s ... which will see her spending a lot of time tending to her garden and offering her advice to the neighborhood kids. Given the Duffer brothers affinity for subverting expectations, we find ourselves wondering if this sweet old lady might have some connection to the Upside Down; then again, that might be just the type of thing they want us to think we know and she just ends up a sweet old lady!

What do you think of the supposed new character descriptions? Are you stoked for Season 3 of Stranger Things? Sound off in the comments.

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