In case you missed it, Stray From The Path released a new single a couple days ago with "Goodnight Alt-right," and it's getting a lot of attention online.

Check out what people are saying about the new single and video below.

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'Goodnight Alt-right" is the first single off Stray From The Path's upcoming album Only Death is Real, and it's already got a lot of people buzzing. The song, along with the entire album, will be about the current administration along with issues they believe are plaguing society.

"In an age where government has failed, they made us feel as small and as insignificant as ever. In this game, all of the attention is turned onto the people: white versus black, Democrat versus Republican, gay versus straight, or Trump versus no Trump," says guitarist Tom Williams about the new album.

Williams also talked about the single saying, "Sometimes, the things you say come with consequences. There is enough hate, misery, and division in this country that we don’t need a televised white supremacist saying, ‘This country belongs to white people.’ Bottom line: if you preach hate, expect hate.”

This ideology is clear when listening to the song, which features lyrics such as "You just got knocked the fuck out/The punishment fits the crime." The video also features imagery of Richard Spencer, along with swastikas. Watch the video below.

However, many have spoken out against the video including InfoWars editor at large, Paul Joseph Watson, who tweeted "SJWs made a metal song and yes it's as bad as you think."

Backwordz' Eric July simply tweeted "Sigh... stray from the path."

However, some Stray From The Path fans made the comment that the hate the band are receiving for this song shows that it needed to be made.

Currently, the video on Youtube features over 22,000 thumbs down with nearly 4,000 thumbs up.

Anti-Flag came out to defend the song on Twitter, thanking Stray From The Path "for drawing the bigots out of the woodwork with their new jam."

How do you feel about the new video?