2018 is officially coming to a close, and that means a whole bunch of those "end of the year" lists have been popping up in various places on the internet.

While we already know the most Googled person, who had the top tours of the year and which artists had their music videos streamed the most, now, we officially have an idea of what TV shows were the most binge-watched of 2018.

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According to a report from Variety, the internet's most binge-watched shows have officially been revealed, all thanks to a new study performed by TV Time.

For those who don't know, TV Time is an app that allows its users to manually track the number of shows they've watched over the course of the year.

From those tracked shows, the app was able to collect and then analyse the data from its 12 million users, which means that this list reflects what TV shows people on the app were watching and commenting on the most.

But before we unveil what these shows are, it may be important to mention that these are self-reported statistics, so it might not entirely reflect what everyone was watching, especially when it comes to shows that had weekly releases throughout the year.

So, according to this new study, what was the most binged-watched show of 2018? Friends.

It's not entirely clear as to why the show, which aired it's final episode back in 2004, made the list at the number one spot, but Variety suggests it may have something to do with the fact that Netflix almost chopped the beloved show from the streaming service a few months back.

With Friends dominating the list at number one, the long-running TV drama Grey's Anatomy and Netflix's highly controversial 13 Reasons Why secured the number two and three spots on the list, respectively.

Other than those shows, it appears that people were also binge-watching shows like everyone's favorite teen drama Riverdale, Netflix's Orange Is The New Black, and the almost cancelled and then revived Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Check out the top 10 most binge-watched show below (via Variety)

  1. Friends
  2. Grey's Anatomy
  3. 13 Reason's Why
  4. La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)
  5. Riverdale
  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  7. The 100
  8. Orange Is The New Black
  9. The Big Band Theory
  10. Pretty Little Liars

Were any of these TV shows on your most watched list for 2018? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below!

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