Remember that movie Rock Star? The one where Mark Wahlberg plays a dude who joins his favorite band as lead singer when their iconic frontman quits? The legend of Rome Ramirez hooking up with Sublime members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh isn't quite movie life. But the story of how Ramirez went from ardent fan to the front of the stage with his favorite band as Sublime With Rome is truly heartwarming. Ramirez told the story about his life of Sublime in this oral history clip, as well as his chance meeting with Post Malone.

Ramirez' backstory is pretty cool. He had the archetype "cool uncle" who suggested he give that new Sublime record he bought a spin. Ramirez soon became a stan for life. (Wait until you hear why he wanted to learn to play guitar.) As time went by, Ramirez was making an effort to forge his own career in music. A series of chance meetings with bassist Wilson, a few house parties and one jam invitation to drummer Gaugh later, Sublime With Rome were born.

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Ramirez tells his story with the same kind of enthusiasm he had when he discovered Sublime for the first time. He recalls the excitement of playing to massive festival crowds and keeping his composure. There's also a moment where he meets the father of the late Bradley Nowell, the band's original frontman who passed away in 1996. And then Sublime With Rome get another boost when Post Malone reaches out to see if they'd be his backing band for a special "dive bar" gig. And get this: Ramirez hints that the collaborating isn't done yet.

Yes, the story of Sublime is filled with moments of great songs and greater tragedy. Fortunately, Sublime With Rome are carrying the torch and creating dynamic new music. (Their most recent album, Blessings, came out in May 2019.) And did we mention their connection to Posty? Clearly, theirs is a history that's truly worth repeating.