Well superhero fans, you finally did it. Zack Snyder's cut of 2017's Justice League is officially hitting HBO Max in 2021. It wasn't an easy journey so congratulations. Just after the Justice League news was announced, Suicide Squad director David Ayer posted a very cryptic clip showing Jared Leto's Joker

Ayer has been very active as of late discussing all sorts of Suicide Squad talking points. Everything from how he feels about Leto's performance to a bizarre Harley Quinn love triangle that was originally in the film. 

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The 'Snyder Cut' has been called for from comic book fans and movie lovers-alike for years. To sum up the story, Snyder nearly completed work on Justice League in 2016, but he had to step away due to a family tragedy. Warner Bros. then brought in Joss Whedon to finish the project.

Whedon took what Snyder had, did reshoots and editing and ended up with a Frankenstein-like film that many found underwhelming. After its release, Snyder began teasing storyboards and plot points that indicated his vision for the film was much different and darker than the product Whedon had presented.

Fans began calling for the 'Snyder Cut' and after three years, it was officially announced on May 20. The cause was championed by a number of cast members, particularly Jason Momoa who initially discussed it during the Aquaman press tour.

HBO Max announced Justice League's 'Snyder Cut' would be hitting the platform in 2021. 

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So, that's great news. What might be even better news is that this could potentially trigger a shockwave that allows David Ayer to release what could be the 'Ayer Cut' of 2016's Suicide Squad. 

As stated, recently Ayer has been very open about what his intentions were for the film. As we know, Suicide Squad went through a ton of recuts and reshoots to better fit what the company wanted to portray, much against Ayer's ultimate vision. 

Two weeks ago, Ayer shared what he really thought about Leto’s portrayal of the Clown Prince Of Crime. Ayer said that his “heart breaks” for Leto and also teased that so much of the actor’s work “remains unseen.”

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Next, in a Twitter post, Ayer revealed what could have been when a fan asked what happened to the character of Diablo in the original film. Ayer answers this and then hits a moonshot out to left field by mentioning the Deadshot and Quinn romance. 

Recently, he even shared what seems to be a prop from the film showing the Joker's version of The Beginning. 


After the announcement that the 'Snyder Cut' would finally be seen, Ayer congratulated him and posted his own cryptic teaser. 

In it, we see Leto's Joker sitting in a chair with the repeating message of "I am different fuck your opinion.” What exactly does this mean? Will Ayer and fans begun championing for his cut of the film or is it just more teasing?

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Warner Bros. approving of an Ayer cut might be a longshot though. They've already begun work on a sequel/reimagining titled The Suicide Squad with James Gunn at the helm. 

But, if the Ayer cut is released, it means we could finally see all of the Joker footage that was scrapped. As Ayer said, Leto was phenomenal but a lot of the scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. The Ayer Cut could potentially turn around opinions that Leto did a poor job.

Fans are clearly excited about the cryptic post. Many would love to see the film how it was intended.


What do you think Ayer's tweet means? Would you love to see what he originally envisioned for Suicide Squad? Sound off in the comments below!

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