It’s been over two decades since Sum 41’s inception, and it’s still hard to properly categorize them. On the one hand, the influential Canadian quintet are regarded as acclaimed early 2000s pop-punk trailblazers. Still, they can be considered a high-octane, hard-rock, and heavy-metal force to be reckoned with. However, the constant throughline has always been the band’s relatability and expertise at writing instantly memorable hooks that convey both maturity and youthful innocence. 

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Following the success of their debut album, All Killer No Filler, Sum 41 became pop-punk darlings captivating the masses across the radio and MTV. But instead of capitalizing on their early buzz and playing it safe by writing more accessible music, the band opted to up the intensity of their music. Sum 41 have since had quite a distinguished career, with millions of albums sold worldwide, Grammy nominations, and Juno awards, among many other milestones. Though they have made missteps and divisive records along the way, their legacy remains intact. 

Every Sum 41 album ranked

Below, we ranked Sum 41’s seven studio albums from worst to best.