The second Sum 41 record, Does This Look Infected?, celebrates its 17-year anniversary today. The record was a successful follow-up to their best-selling debut, All Killer No Filler, cementing Sum 41 as pop-punk/rock legends. 

The single “Still Waiting” played in the heads of angsty teenagers and adults at the time. It’s still a perfect go-to song to get hyped up for anything. So, how well do you remember the lyrics to this 2002 hit? 

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More on Sum 41

Sum 41 vocalist Deryck Whibley joined Travis Mills on Apple Music’s Beats 1 to discuss the band’s latest album, Order In Decline, and his opinion on the current state of rock music.

When asked how long he spent writing the songs for the band’s most recent release, Whibley reveals it didn’t take as long as some might think.

“I did a lot of writing while I was on the road, in hotels and buses and stuff like that,” he says. “When I got home, I kind of put it all together within about three weeks.”

Writing on the road was a new experience for Whibley, one that he believes had an effect on the record.

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“I don’t normally write on the road, but for some reason, I felt inspired, so it just happened,” he says. “I find you have no real control over writing. It just happens.”

With artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, Halestorm and more chiming in on the state of rock music, Mills asked Whibley for his opinion on the hot topic.

“It’s tough because there are a lot of rock bands, and if you travel the world and you go to festivals and do all these shows, it seems some people would say rock is dead, but I don’t see it,” he says. “The fans are there. It may not be on all the mainstream radio anymore, but the audience is there. You also do have some rock bands that feel like they don’t wanna necessarily be rock bands anymore, and they sort of go to a different style of music, which is totally fine, but for us, we feel more comfortable with loud guitars.”

You can check out the full interview here.