Los Angeles-based Sam Martin, going by the moniker Sunshine Boysclub, has released his debut solo album, Hut On The Hill.

Sunshine Boysclub breathes in the uncertainties of the world and exhales exuberant optimism on Hut On The Hill. The funky synths create little bursts of light that cut through gooey guitar riffs. On top of it are the infectiously poppy and potent vocals. They create a balance between the light and dark, tackling the duality of our inner thoughts. Hut On The Hill is perfect for generating a little sunshine on a cloudy day.

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Hut On The Hill is the album I’ve always wanted to make," Martin says in a press release. ”Sunshine Boysclub is a space for me to be vulnerable, honest, stupid, depressing, uplifting and to take all the risks on my own.”

Martin also spoke about the sonic and lyrical juxtaposition embedded in the album, as well as how the album taught him important lessons about his own mental health.

"Sonically, the album is energetic and uplifting, but the lyrics are far from,” Martin says. ”The one theme that runs through this album is failure, as dark as that may seem. These songs are me working through the past. [I'm] trying to close that door and move into a new space with new thoughts. I spent years struggling with depression. I stopped making music and was ready to quit. Writing these songs helped me work through those years of struggle. [They] taught me valuable lessons about creativity and happiness and how connected those two things are for me.”

Martin also spoke about the meaning behind the album’s title. 

“I wrote all these songs in what I christened ‘The Hut.' ['The Hut'] is an abandoned shack on the side of a hill behind our house in the middle of suburban Los Angeles. I cleaned it out, painted it and moved my studio up there. ‘The Hut’ became a creative and magical place for me."

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Alongside the album, Martin has also released the music video for the single “Right Out The Window.” The single deals with the fragility of passing time and serves as a lesson for listeners to savor the present before it's gone. 

Martin also spoke about the creation of the visual in the same press release. 

"I wanted to capture the ease and energy of the song," he says. "[I] felt like one long, continuous ride would help display that."

Check out the music video below.

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Martin has spent all summer pumping out catchy singles. He started with “Patience” before releasing “Don’t See Why” and “Like A God.” All three are accompanied by music videos, which you can view here on the Sunshine Boysclub YouTube channel. 

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