Brooklyn punk rockers Sunshine Gun Club made it their goal to make Teletubbies even creepier than they already were, and they succeeded.

In their new video for "So Alien," premiered today through AP, costumed band members start out family friendly, exploring a park and a city as Teletubbies characters might. Then, things turn ugly following a bar fight and some hard drugs.

Vocalist Dan Walker weighs in on the video's change of pace: "Famous TV personalities need time off too, and what a wonderful way to realign those neuronal networks by going to the park? And then maybe stopping in at the local bar for a few rounds? Then possibly getting into a fist fight and accidentally killing someone? And what better way to deal with the stress of knowing you just committed murder than smoking a bunch of crack? There’s only one way this day ends—with lots of sunshine!”

Sunshine Gun Club's album is coming out May 6, and it's available through their Bandcamp account.

Check out the freaky video below, and try to not let it ruin your childhood.