super american 2018
[Photo by: Brett Ballachino]

Super American premiere indie-rock debut ‘Tequila Sunrise’—listen

Indie-rock act Super American are teaming up with AP to stream their new album Tequila Sunrise a day before its official release.

The Buffalo-based duo embraced the usage of music as a communication tool, which they kept in mind when working on their debut full-length.

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“When we first started working on music as Super American, I remember we were really excited about the possibility of being ‘part of the conversation,’ be it consciously or subconsciously, [and] I think we made Tequila Sunrise with this idea in mind,” the band says. “Music is our way of communicating, especially when we fall short or are unable to do so in a more traditional way.”

“Artists are constantly striving to better convey their emotions and impressions of the world through whatever medium of expression they may choose,” the band continues. “The colors we see, the moments that fade, the feelings that don’t—to me, art is the closest thing to magic in an otherwise ordinary world.”

The duo understand the importance of a debut, so they made sure they got off on the right foot.

“I look at this album as a collection of feelings, brought on by a collage of experiences, seen through our obscure little lens,” the band says. “Tequila Sunrise is our first statement, the opening of a conversation to whoever it may concern.”

Super American’s debut album Tequila Sunrise will drop Sept. 14 via Take This To Heart Records, and it is available for preorder here. Check out the album below.