Super American, the Buffalo, New York, pop-punk outfit, have returned to make your devices wriggle. Today AltPress is premiering not one but two tracks from their impending three-song digital EP, YOBWOC, the follow-up to their 2018 debut, Tequila Sunrise

The first track is “Untitled,” which features dialed-down atmospherics expertly inlayed in the center of their high-spirited, fortified loud-guitar pop. The other, “Tangerine + Guava,” is two minutes of time-shifting pop goodness featuring what is truly the most inspired spate of guitar-pedal abuse we’ve heard in a while.

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When asked to give a backstory about the new tracks, Super American’s dynamic multi-instrumentalist duo of Pat Feeley and Matt Cox sent an email to AltPress merely stating, “Pent-up energy. Duality. Lust. Consciousness. Storm clouds over the Atlantic Ocean.”  

In contrast, Take This To Heart label founder Joseph Urban says it the best, with a lot less poetic ambition. He describes Super A’s latest work as (wait for it) “sophomore pumped,” adding, “It might be intimidating for some that Super American soft-rebooted their approach with each release. Super American 2.5 finally settles for middle ground, marrying the caffeinated pop punk of their beginnings with the sun-bleached pop-rock of their debut full-length.”

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We’re down with the American’s sonic shape-shifting expertly crafted into some great tunes. And this is only the beginning: Expect more music from the duo very soon, with a full U.S. tour to be unveiled in the coming weeks. 

And since you asked, YOBWOC is an acronym/text-speak for, um, “reverse cowboy.” 

Pick yourself up off the floor from your fit of laughing and check out the new goodness Super American have in store for you. Get your preorder in right here