Surrounded By Monsters have announced that they have dropped from their support slot on The Bunny The Bear's current tour, citing the headliner's disrespect toward fans as a reason. Read and watch a video statement from the band about their decision below: 

“We, SURROUNDED BY MONSTERS, regret to inform our fans that we have decided to drop the remaining dates on THE BUNNY THE BEAR tour. This is a decision made by SURROUNDED BY MONSTERS and not anyone else. We are very sorry to those who were planning on coming to see us at the scheduled shows, but we refuse to continue to support a band like THE BUNNY THE BEAR.

From the start of this tour THE BUNNY THE BEAR has been disrespectful and confrontational to ticket holders by calling people in the audience derogatory remarks, to canceling sets because not enough people were in the audience for them to care. This is not something that we as a band support or endorse and we will not tolerate it any further.

Once again, we are very sorry to those who were coming out to see us on this tour. We hate canceling shows, but under these circumstances we feel it is our only option. It is the fans and their support that make a bands growth and life possible, and by no means should THE BUNNY THE BEAR think they have the right to treat people the way they do. No band should EVER put themselves above their fans.”