Sometimes it seems like we'll never get over the music we listened to in middle and high school. That nostalgia just keeps drawing us backand according to a new surveymaybe we'll be reminiscing about the 'glory days' forever.

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Streaming service Deezer surveyed 1000 British users and found that most people stop trying to discover new music they may like by the age of 30 (and six months), something the survey calls ‘musical paralysis.'

The answers revealed that a busy life is mostly the cause of the discontinuation, adults over 30 stopping their searches due to having kids or because they're simply overwhelmed by the sheer amount of music out there.

Of the 1,000 people surveyed, 60% of them felt like they were only listening to artists they already knew and 25% of them didn't want to hear stuff outside their preferred genre.

Another interesting discovery is that 24 seems to be the peak age of your discovery into new music. After that, you have a free pass to say things like "I don't understand why kids like this s***," and go back to listening to your good ol' My Chemical Romance.

What do you think of these results? Accurate or not? Let us know your thoughts on discovering new music in the comments!

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