SWMRS have shared new photos and an update on guitarist Max Becker, following the accident back in October.

On a drive from Oakland to Denver, Becker and two tour crew members, Natalie Somekh and Josh Berl were injured after their van hit black ice, causing them to lose control. First responders were able to arrive at the scene quickly and bring the three into an intensive care unit in Wyoming. Due to the accident, SWMRS chose to cancel the rest of their 2019 tour dates.

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Today, the band account shared a photo of Becker on Instagram along with the countless get well letters and cards hanging on the wall. With the images, they also shared an update on the guitarist’s recovery.

This picture is quite literally over a thousand words. Your words.. messages and gifts have given more inspiration and healing power to Max than anyone can imagine. It’s been so incredible to see how much of an impact our music has made on all on all of you. Y’all have changed our lives in return. We are so happy to update you that Max is pushing through rehab with more strength every day and staying hydrated. Tomorrow we are so lucky to bring him home and have him continue his healing from his bed in Oakland. We really can’t describe how special all of your support has been. This Thanksgiving please hug the people around you and let them know how much you love them.”


More on SWMRS and Max Becker

Back in October, SWMRS took to Instagram to update fans on the accident and canceled shows.

“We regret to inform you that last night on the drive from Oakland to Denver, Max, Josh and Natalie encountered black ice on the road, causing them to lose control of the van. Thankfully, first responders were able to quickly get them to an incredible team of doctors in the intensive care unit at a hospital in Wyoming, and everyone is going to be OK. As a result, we are going to cancel al lof our shows for the rest of 2019 to give them the time they need to recover.

“Our brother Max is the strongest person in the world. He is our fearless leader. It’s going to be a long road to recovery, but we all know that if anyone can do it, Max can. We love you. Share some love with the people around you, and send all of your positive energy to Max, Josh, and Natalie”

A couple of weeks later, SWMRS provided an additional update on everyone’s recovery. Both Somekh and Berl were released and able to go home, while Becker transferred to a rehab facility. They updated fans via twitter about Becker’s condition. You can read the statement below.

“We wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful we are for your outpouring of love & support. The accident two weeks ago shook all of us & our families to the core. And although Max will heal from these injuries, he’s has a long, hard road ahead. In addition to breaking both shoulders, bruising his lung & fracturing vertebrae, his biggest challenge will be recovering from the traumatic brain injury. While currently assisted with a wheelchair, he is working everyday on regaining his strength and ability to walk. There was truly a guardian light that night, one that we will forever be thankful for.

“P.S. All your letters, postcards & tea bring him warmth & sunshine everyday. Please keep it coming. The musical community- has blown us away. Thank you. Forever yours.”


The band had a handful of dates with Matt & Kim, as well as The 1975 but as noted above, the rest of this years dates have been canceled. As of right now the U.K. dates for next year are still as scheduled. You can find a list of those dates here.

We wish Max a continued speedy recovery.

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