Sworn In

All Smiles

FILE UNDER: Extra Emo Noise-Core

ROCKS LIKE: Botch, Chelsea Grin, My Chemical Romance

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: With openly emotional noise, Sworn In deliver a cohesive sound that surpasses screaming and half-heartedly singing over jarring instrumentals that sound like they were churned out by kids who went to undergrad for music composition. As always, the guitar work is phenomenal, but this time technique skews from intricate riffs to more melodic moments, allowing frontman Tyler Dennen to skillfully branch into clean vocals, a feat that unexpectedly works (“Closer To Me,” “All Smiles”).

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Sworn In are the sonic equivalent of a Jackson Pollock painting. There’s an element to All Smiles (along with the rest of their discography) that translates better as a post-modern art piece than it does as actual music. With All Smiles, however, the band have successfully bridged the gap between ideal consumer metalcore and abrasive avant-garde. 

OUR PICK: "Mirror Fear”

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