Sleeping With Sirens like many of the greats today, dropped a new album—How It Feels To Be Lost.

While the band has certainly garnered enough praise over the years to know they're superstars, it's always nice when that new project slaps this damn hard.

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1. Here's a fun fact and maybe a tour sneak peek?
2. Fans really like this record.
3. They really, really like it.
4. Maybe they like it a bit too much.
5. It's hard to choose which to listen to first.
6. Woah. No need to go after Posty like that.
7. "Blood Lines" is a fan favorite.
8. We told you so.
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9. A scene vet loves it too.
10. Glad that no one forgot the topical meme format.
11. Yeah, Lorena! Get with the program!
12. Thanks, Obama
13. You're damn right, Amber!
14. Heroes don't always wear capes. Thanks for the great album, guys.