Amidst all of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests following the wrongful death of George Floyd, many are demanding that police forces nationwide be defunded. Now, System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan is voicing his opinion on the matter.

In a new 14-minute video, Dolmayan says that the defund the police movement is “the stupidest thing” he’s ever heard.

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Over the past few weeks, the defund the police movement has started to be discussed more. Man Overboard recently redesigned their iconic “Defend Pop Punk” shirt to say “Defund The Police” with all proceeds from the shirt going to Black Lives Matter. As well, John Oliver recently dedicated a whole episode of Last Week Tonight to talk about America’s history of police brutality. He also talked about why police defunding should be at the top of America’s priorities.

Now, Dolmayan is sharing his own opinions on the movement. The System Of A Down drummer has been outspoken in the media in the past regarding his political beliefs. He recently called Donald Trumpthe most attacked president in history yet the greatest friend in minorities.” His right-wing political views have also publically put him at odds with System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian, something Dolmayan addresses in the 14-minute video among other things.

In the video, Dolmayan says it “shouldn’t be a shock to any” that he has different views from Tankian. However, despite being at different ends politically, he says “you’d be surprised at how civil our conversations are.”

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Dolmayan further shows his right-wing beliefs in the video by talking about the defund the police movement. He believes that people going along with this movement are just trying to show others “how woke they are.”

“I think that the movement to defund police is probably the stupidest thing that I’ve heard,” he says. “Any celebrity or politician who is behind the defund the police movement is doing one of two things. One, showing you, who they consider the peasant class, how woke they are. [And] how in tune they are with social injustice. In other words, look like they give a shit but continue to live lavish well-protected lives while you bang your head on a wall. Two, mainly politicians say anything to maintain their positions because the stupidity of defunding the police hasn’t fully been comprehended by the people advocating for it.”

He further explains that if funding for police were to be cut, it is only being done so people in power can make it seem like they are in support of the movement. However, once people find other injustices to protest, the government will go right back to funding the police.

“They will cut budgets to show how they agree with the ‘movement’ and move the money into social programs,” he says. “Later, once people have forgotten about this injustice and are on to the next issue, they will cut funds to those programs and funnel the money right back into police department budgets.”

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The System Of A Down drummer also believes that budgets for police will eventually increase because society needs them to function.

“In fact, they will increase those budgets because at the end of the day there can be no society without them,” he says. “We are not civilized enough and probably never will be. You are being agitated into a frenzy, divided, and then placated.”

In short, Dolmayan believes the defund the police movement and the protests occurring worldwide won’t bring real change. In fact, he says that when this is over, people will be more dependent on the government than before.

“No real changes will be instituted except that many of you will be even more dependent on the government you so adamantly oppose,” Dolmayan says. “They take away your freedoms give you a few scraps and you thank them for it, wake up and think for yourself.”

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John Dolmayan’s full video is available to watch below.

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