System Of A Down‘s drummer John Dolmayan recently chimed in on the band’s highly anticipated follow-up album to 2005’s Mezmerize and Hypnotize, and as of right now, he doesn’t know if “it’s ever going to happen.”

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The drummer recently sat with KROQ, where Dolmayan shared that “certain members” of the group were delaying the process, saying:

“It’s a complex question,” said Dolmayan. “You know I’m ready to go any time and certain members of my band haven’t been able to make it work for themselves. And it’s one of those things where if you can’t get everybody to… If you can’t get everybody to come together and do it, it just doesn’t happen.”

He continued: “I don’t know if it’s ever gonna happen at this point. I don’t like saying that but you got to live in the realm of reality and anything we do outside of System is never gonna anywhere be close to System. System is the best thing that anybody in System will ever do. But we still do the other things.”

Watch the interview below:

Dolmayan’s thoughts on System recording a new album seem to echo guitarist Daron Malakian’s previous comments, where he confirmed that the band has stalled in their attempts. For now.

“I couldn’t say ever, but as of right now, it’s not looking like we’re doing something together soon,” Malakian told Revolver. “I can’t close the book on it and say it’s done forever. We still play live. We’re all still friends. All my band members posted “Lives” [from Malakian’s Scars On Broadway project] on their own Facebooks and Instagrams, so we’re all very supportive of each other.”

While the band has put a paused on recording new music, it doesn’t seem that they are against touring.

System Of A Down announced a few months ago that they will be heading out some headlining dates with At The Drive-In and Skeleton Witch this October. Check out the full list of dates below: