Taco Bell is family to us. Like most families, you get invited to celebrate holidays and weddings and birthdays. Well, Taco Bell is no exception. It's the 15th birthday of Baja Blast.

We can't believe it ourselves. It's 15 years since the iconic tropical tempest burst forth from the seas. To celebrate, Taco Bell is launching a super limited edition Mountain Dew Baja Blast Birthday Freeze.

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If you're already familiar with the turquoise treat then fine, but this one is a bit different. The Baja Blast Birthday Freeze has pieces of colored candy confetti in it. Check it out below.

Taco Bell

[Photo via Taco Bell][/caption]While no specific date was given when it will be gone, Taco Bell says to treat it like a real birthday (which lasts...a day) and hurry while supplies last.

We can't even count how many Baja Blasts we've consumed in this decade and a half. Through graduations and sporting events, car rides, breakups, and all the other awkward stuff, this beverage was always there for us.

"While 15 can be an awkward age if we’re talking human years, this is Baja Blast we are talking about—it doesn’t know the meaning of uncool." Taco Bell states on their website. "So, show this true icon that you care. Sing if you can stay in tune. And cheers to another 15 years along with us."

careful of the beef

What do you think of Taco Bell's Baja Blast Birthday Freeze? What's your favorite Baja Blast memory? Let us know in the comments below!

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