Last year, Taco Bell customers were shocked to discover that all of the fast-food chain’s potato items were removed from menus.

Now, it looks like Taco Bell has launched a new plant-based meat alternative to fill the potato-shaped holes in our hearts. However, it’s not available for everyone to try yet.

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2020 was filled with a lot of ups and downs. For Taco Bell customers, however, they truly had a lot of adjustments to make. Along with saying goodbye to potato menu items in August, Taco Bell also got rid of the Loaded Grillers and the 7-Layer Burrito.

Shortly following this, Taco Bell announced even more changes were happening. In November, customers bid farewell to the Mexican Pizza, pico de gallo and all of its shredded chicken menu items. This eventually led to customers starting a petition in efforts to save the Mexican Pizza.

Needless to say, the menu changes that happened in 2020 are still haunting customers in the new year.

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Now, it looks like Taco Bell has launched a new plant-based meat alternative for vegetarian and vegan customers. However, the potato replacement isn’t available everywhere yet.

Starting on Thursday, Jan. 7, locations across the U.K. added a new plant-based protein from the brand Gold & Green Foods to its menus. According to Live Kindly, the meat alternative is made out of “oats, legumes, yellow peas and seasoning.” Customers can substitute any regular meat menu item for the plant-based protein.

The latest change is Taco Bell’s next step in making its menu more vegan and vegetarian friendly. For now, the Gold & Green plant-based protein is available in the U.K. as well as select locations in Europe. However, there’s no word yet on if this new menu item will eventually make its way to North America.

Lucy Dee, Taco Bell UK’s marketing lead, says that this new flavorful protein option will satisfy all customers.

“At Taco Bell, we pride ourselves on being a place where every lifestyle can find exactly what they’re craving. So, whether you’re a vegetarian, flexitarian, or just fancy trying something new, we can provide you with flavorsome meat-free offering you’ll love.”

Do you want to try Taco Bell’s new plant-based protein? Do you want the potato menu items to make a comeback? Let us know in the comments below.