Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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Jeffree Star thinks “next year is the perfect time” to release new music

Jeffree Star is a scene-staple. Rising to stardom in the era of the Myspace-fueled music industry, Star left that role for other endeavors. Now...
Denny's mosh pit, wacko

Denny’s gig mosh pit damages dining room, band raising repair funds

Denny's received quite a wake-up call when metal outfit Wacko managed to open a mosh pit in the middle of the diner. What better way to...
pierce the veil podcastvideo

Pierce The Veil from 2009: Dramatics, sugar rushes and friendship

It's practically impossible to hear the names Vic, Mike, Jaime and Tony together and not immediately think of Pierce The Veil.  In this 2009 interview...
Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig performs Isles & Glaciers track “Clush” at Emo Night

Last night, Emo Night Phx celebrated Halloween with some incredible performances and resident DJs. One of the most iconic moments of the night, however,...