Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tag: a fire inside

AFI to release new song, “I Hope You Suffer”

AFI have been dropping clues about new music over the past couple of months including cryptic videos and eventually a confirmation of a signing...

AFI release two more mysterious videos

AFI have released two more mysterious videos. They've released five videos under three minutes, what do you think their videos mean? Check them out below.

AFI post another teaser video, ‘No Harbingers’

AFI have released a third teaser video, “No Harbingers,” on their website following “AFI” and “Convergence.” Like “Convergence,” “No Harbingers” features a circular pattern being...

AFI launch cryptic video on website

AFI have launched a cryptic video on their website, from which all other content has been hidden, which features vocalist Davey Havok walking down...