Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Tag: acoustic story


Brian Marquis – “Breathing In Ghosts” acoustic story

Today, Brian Marquis released Blood & Spirits, his debut full-length for Equal Vision Records. Over the winter, Marquis stopped at the AP office to tell...

Transit – “Nothing Lasts Forever” acoustic story

While they were out on the Acoustic Basement tour, Transit treated us to an acoustic performance of "Nothing Lasts Forever" from their latest album, Young New England. The...

The Color Morale – “Learned Behavior” acoustic story

Garret Rapp and Devin King of the Color Morale perform "Learned Behavior" from their latest album Know Hope at the AP office.

Acoustic Story: Max Bemis, “Slumming It With Johnny”

Max Bemis of Say Anything performs and tells us the story behind "Slumming It With Johnny."

Acoustic Story: HRVRD, “We Never Shut Up About You”

HRVRD tell the story behind "We Never Shut Up About You" and perform an acoustic rendition of the song at the AP offices. The song...

Acoustic Story: I The Mighty, “Four Letter Words”

I The Mighty performed the acoustic version of "Four Letter Words" from their latest album Satori for the first time ever when they visited...

AP Acoustic Story: Allison Weiss, “One Way Love”

Allison Weiss tells us how a breakup and New York inspired her song "One Way Love" from Say What You Mean in our latest...

Mixtapes acoustic performance premiere and ‘Ordinary Silence’ track by track

Mixtapes guitarist/vocalists Maura Weaver and Ryan Rockwell tell us all about their upcoming album, Ordinary Silence (out June 25 on No Sleep Records) in...

AP Acoustic Story: Masked Intruder feat. Maura Weaver (Mixtapes), “Heart Shaped Guitar”

AP's favorite pack of sensitive punk rock criminals, Masked Intruder, paired up with Maura Weaver of Mixtapes (Intruder Pink?) for an acoustic performance of...

AP Acoustic Story: Diamond Youth talk the making of “Cannonball”

The AP staff had such a rad time last night (May 24, 2013) at It's A Spring Fling Festival at local bowling alley/bar/music venue...