Saturday, September 19, 2020

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american horror story horror references

9 horror movie nods you probably missed in ‘American Horror Story’

For nine seasons, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have packed American Horror Story with a variety of terrifying themes from across the spectrum of...
american hororr story villains

10 ‘American Horror Story’ villains we all love to hate

American Horror Story would be nothing without its complicated villains. If there’s one thing the beloved anthology nails, it’s how to develop a character...
american horror story asylum ryan murphy

Here’s why ‘American Horror Story’ season 10’s theme could change

American Horror Story fans have been waiting in anticipation for more information surrounding season 10 of the anthology. So far this year, creator Ryan...
American Horror Story

Will we see this ‘Murder House’ character creep into AHS season 10?

American Horror Story fans have been speculating what the theme of the Season 10 will be since time immemorial. Everything from the Salem Witch Trials...
sarah paulson american horror story

Here are all of Sarah Paulson’s ‘American Horror Story’ roles ranked

American Horror Story isn’t the same without Sarah Paulson. Featuring in every season except last year’s 1984, although she was rumored to cameo but...
Evan Peters American Horror Story AHS Ranking

Evan Peters ‘American Horror Story’ roles, ranked

It’s official: American Horror Story regular Evan Peters is back for season 10 this fall. After taking a year off due to “a full-on...