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saddest 2000s emo songs emo phase staples early emo favorites

10 of the saddest songs you definitely had on your iPod in the 2000s

Emo may be a vague term, but it conjures up some seriously vivid 2000s nostalgia. You know, memories akin to straightening our bangs and...
Coachella, Amazon Lockers

Coachella officially postpones 6 months over coronavirus concerns

After being petitioned by the community to cancel and speculation of a 6-month postponement, Coachella has officially confirmed they’re shifting the event. Set to take...
hatebreed 2008 deathcore

10 albums that inspired deathcore before it was a movement

Deathcore has normalized the idea of the hardcore and death-metal scenes coming together. While that’s commonplace now, it wasn’t always like this. Even before...