Thursday, April 25, 2019

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10 Essential WTF?!?! Songs

We've all been there–blissfully blasting your favorite band's new record and being introduced to a fresh set of new songs that already feel familiar...

10 movies about rock (that aren’t ‘School of Rock’)

From Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World's amazing, fuzzed-out soundtrack featuring Beck and Metric to Green Room's blood-soaked and suspenseful tale around punk band The...

10 best music moments of 2017, from Broadway to the Grammys

From Twenty One PIlots not only winning a Grammy, but also accepting it sans pants, to Architects' Sam Carter calling out a groper in...

10 timeless alternative Christmas songs

Why listen to the same old holiday classics when you can celebrate with some pop punk and rock Christmas jams? Here are 10 timeless alternative...

10 rad fan art pieces inspired by 2017 albums

This year brought us tons of epic new music, and those songs and album covers as a whole inspired plenty of fan art. From...

These are the best ‘Star Wars’ characters, according to bands

So, who’s the BEST EVER Star Wars character? Here’s what members of Good Tiger, Grayscale and I The Mighty had to say. Read more: 12 theories...

APTV COUNTDOWN: The 10 best Brand New songs, voted by you

Remember when we asked you on Twitter what the best Brand New songs were? Here's what you voted as the 10 best Brand New...

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