Thursday, July 9, 2020

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jeffree star youtube

10 most ridiculous videos Jeffree Star has uploaded to YouTube

Jeffree Star is a gift to YouTube. Aside from owning a multimillion dollar makeup company and possibly working on a return to music, Star has...
Waterparks 2019 dream boy fandom

Awsten Knight drops “Turbulent” ASMR remix as latest Waterparks version

After debuting the clean version of their track "Turbulent," vocalist Awsten Knight later revealed Waterparks had six other versions of the track on his...
Game Boy

Game Boy restoration video is an old-school ASMR dream

There's something about the nostalgia of a Game Boy Pocket that didn't actually fit in your pocket, or the OG Game Boy from good...

KFC debuts fried chicken ASMR, no we’re not joking

Kentucky Fried Chicken may have just have unveiled the weirdest ASMR of 2019. To accompany their new gravy-scented candle, KFC has released a series...

ASM-GWAR, a terrifying and unique ASMR experience

GWAR were put on Earth to conquer and destroy and their most recent conquest is popular YouTube trend ASMR. In this APTV exclusive, GWAR belch...
Watch Hayley Williams do ASMR for four, glorious minutes

Watch Hayley Williams do ASMR for four, glorious minutes

Just when you thought Paramore’s Hayley Williams couldn’t get any better, she has decided to grace our ears once again, this time with ASMR....