Monday, June 1, 2020

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american horror story plot twists

Top 10 ‘American Horror Story’ plot twists we’re still thinking about

American Horror Story doesn’t go easy on its fans. If there’s a way to make your jaw drop to the floor, make you sick...
Evan Peters American Horror Story AHS Ranking

Evan Peters ‘American Horror Story’ roles, ranked

It’s official: American Horror Story regular Evan Peters is back for season 10 this fall. After taking a year off due to “a full-on...
american horror story ranked

‘American Horror Story’ seasons ranked worst to best

No one expected that when American Horror Story premiered in 2011 from the co-creators of the musical hit series Glee, it would turn into...
Alexey Knedlyakovsky and Lusine Djanyan, Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot members denied asylum in Sweden, face deportation

Two members of Pussy Riot and their children have been denied political asylum in Sweden. Alexey Knedlyakovsky and Lusine Djanyan now face deportation back...