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KOAD jaunty music video

KOAD celebrates identity and culture in groovy hip-hop track “jaunty”

KOAD might be a brand-new name to you, but soon, this hip-hop rock star on the rise will be dominating your playlists. The 18-year-old Indian-American...
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10 alternative covers by K-pop and K-rock artists that you need to hear

In the past few years, Korean music, such as K-pop and K-rock, has completely taken over the mainstream music scene. The music, and the scene,...
Linkin Park ATEEZ Numb k-pop cover

Hear this Linkin Park classic get reimagined into a mega K-pop hit

If you've ever wondered what Linkin Park would sound like as a Korean pop artist, look no further. Kim Hongjoong, one of the members of...