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billie eilish 2019

Everyone was more worried about that tank photo than Billie Eilish

Over the years, Billie Eilish has been candid about her struggles with body image and dealing with the internet making comments about what she...
Billie Eilish Rosalia-min

Billie Eilish and Rosalía team up for emotional new song “Lo Vas A Olvidar”

After nearly two years of waiting, Billie Eilish and Rosalía‘s highly-anticipated collaboration “Lo Vas A Olvidar" is finally here. On Thursday, the duo unleashed a haunting video...
Billie Eilish Rosalia Euphoria

The first clip of Billie Eilish and Rosalía’s collab is in this ‘Euphoria’ trailer

It's almost time to find out what happens next in Rue and Jules' story in Euphoria. This week, HBO unleashed the trailer for the Jules-centered...