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18 alternative songs that were actually nominated for Oscars

There are three types when it comes to songs in feature films: The first is the song that you just know isn’t only going...

Evanescence know every lesson learned since ‘Fallen’ has been worth it

From the time that Evanescence formed in 1995 to the present, the group have never had to sacrifice their focus or collective talents on...
Fiona Apple Grammy Awards

Fiona Apple wins Best Alternative Music Album at the 2021 Grammys

Fiona Apple has officially won the Best Alternative Music Album award at the Grammys for Fetch The Bolt Cutters. The award was presented during...
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10 extreme fashion trends musicians have actually pulled off

For some musicians, their fashion choices are almost as important as their art. Pop divas, rappers, rock stars and more have given us some of...
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Ashnikko may not know her genre, but Paramore will always be a go-to

There are plenty of adjectives that Ashnikko admittedly avoids when describing her music. It’s not quiet. It’s not soft. And it’s never really been...

Under The Covers: Anthony Green vs. Radiohead

You think it’s hard to write an original song? Try finding a cover song that hasn’t been done before—it’s harder than you think. That’s why we...

Watch Anthony Green cover Björk’s “Unravel”

Anthony Green has released another cover video; in this one he performs "Unravel," originally by Björk. Check it out below.