Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Is a ‘Black Panther’ sequel coming soon?

Disney+ reveals everything coming to the streaming service in March

Disney's streaming service Disney+ just launched in November and already has quite a significant viewer base. It hosts hits like Star Wars' The Mandalorian,...
Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda Funko Pop! vinyl figure takes cuteness into hyperspace

The Mandalorian quickly dominated popular culture conversation when it premiered on Disney+ back in November. And it wasn't just because it's a Star Wars show. Nope,...
Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda sparks another meme with adorable #BabyYodaProblems

Baby Yoda has taken the world by storm since his introduction in the Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian on Disney+. The internet has been a firestorm...
Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda real name is so secret that Disney CEO needs extra security

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently discussed the newest internet sensation, Baby Yoda. In the interview, Iger reveals he knows the name of the Star...
The Little Mermaid Ursula disney

Disney+ will let you keep downloaded titles even if they leave the service

We're less than one month away from the launch of the highly anticipated streaming service Disney+. After recently unveiling the full list of titles...