Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Palaye Royale are entering an era they’ve been creating their whole lives

It must be really great to be in Palaye Royale. A few weeks ago, they released a tough new single, “Fucking With My Head,”...

Palaye Royale on “Boom Boom Room Side B” and Corey Taylor in a Towel

Palaye Royale are set to blow minds and shatter all expectations with Boom Boom Room Side B. But before you deep dive into the...
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Palaye Royale drop relatable new single “Teenage Heartbreak Queen”

Just two weeks before the release of their sophomore album, Palaye Royale dropped their latest single “Teenage Heartbreak Queen.” Read more: As It Is’...
Palaye Royale drop relatable new single “Teenage Heartbreak Queen”

Palaye Royale drop new single, ‘Boom Boom Room (Side B)’ finally gets release date

Mark your calendars, folks. You won’t have to wait much longer for Palaye Royale’s highly anticipated album Boom Boom Room (Side B). Read more: As...
PALAYE ROYALE-2018-altpress

Palaye Royale unveil cover of upcoming album ‘Boom Boom Room (Side B)’

For weeks, Palaye Royale have slowly been releasing tidbits of information regarding their second studio album Boom Boom Room (Side B). Today, the band...