Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Palaye Royale: 10 records their fans should hear, from Jagger to Gerard

Palaye Royale seemingly came out of nowhere, armed with a weighty knowledge of rock history and a clear sense of what they didn't want...
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Palaye Royale are entering an era they’ve been creating their whole lives

It must be really great to be in Palaye Royale. A few weeks ago, they released a tough new single, “Fucking With My Head,”...
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Palaye Royale honor ‘Side A’ anniversary with previously deleted video

Palaye Royale are celebrating the three-year anniversary of Boom Boom Room: Side A by re-releasing the film for “How Do You Do?”  The art film...
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Palaye Royale reflect on milestone ‘Boom Boom’ eras show count

Palaye Royale begin The Funeral tour today, and posted a sentimental statement online about what the tour means to them. The tour will be...
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Palaye Royale perform acoustic version of “Get Higher”

Palaye Royale performed an acoustic version of their song “Get Higher” and we are feeling it right in our souls. The band did the...
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Palaye Royale tease ‘The Final Boom’ makeup palette

Palaye Royale fans, get ready to open up your wallets. The band is releasing their The Final Boom palette Thursday, and it looks to...