Monday, July 13, 2020

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‘Midnight Sun’ includes a missing scene from the original ‘Twilight’ story

Back in May, Twilight fans around the world reacted to the news that Midnight Sun, a follow up to the series, is on the...
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23 ‘Midnight Sun’ reactions that prove we’re all still Team Edward

Nearly 12 years after the conclusion of the Twilight saga with Breaking Dawn, author Stephenie Meyer has finally given the highly anticipated follow-up, Midnight...
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’Twilight’ fans think Stephenie Meyer is finally releasing ‘Midnight Sun’

It's hard to believe that the Twilight book series came to an end nearly 12 years ago. In Breaking Dawn, the last book in...

Robert Pattinson still thinks ‘Twilight’ is “a weird story”

The Twilight craze was a strange time for all of us. Speaking as objectively as possible, the cultural phenomena of romantic teenagers and vampires sweeping the...
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12 ‘Twilight’ soundtrack songs you definitely rocked out to

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga made people all over the world fall in love with sparkly vampires and muscular, hairy werewolves. We can’t deny we...