Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Ghost on how their satanic cathedral turned into a family affair

Ghost have created something so special, you would almost think they struck a deal with the devil. Since their 2006 formation, the Swedish metal...
Ghost band news recap

Ghost’s Cardinal Copia persona may do two album cycles

Ghost frontman Tobias Forge has brought to life many onstage personas. Each character Forge has created typically lasts for one album cycle, or at...
Ghost band news recap

Ghost reveal Sister Imperator’s new look, begin teasing announcement

Cardinal Copia sets out to visit Sister Imperator in the latest chapter of Ghost's webisode series, unveiling Sister's new look and teasing an upcoming...
Ghost band news recap

Ghost frontman says he “wouldn’t sacrifice a baby” to Satan

Quite often, heavy metal brandishes what some would identify as evil vibes, and various extreme metal subgenres' attachments to the occult can harbor legendary...
Ghost band news recap

Ghost frontman hints at new EP, concert film

It looks like there might be some new material from masked Swedish metalheads Ghost very soon! The band's frontman, Cardinal Copia aka Tobias Forge,...
Ghost Metallica Cover

Ghost frontman and more cover “Enter Sandman,” in front of Metallica

Ghost frontman Cardinal Copia, Candlemass and Vargas & Lagola performed a cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" during an awards ceremony in Sweden—in front of...