Thursday, April 18, 2019

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the 27 Club

‘The 27 Club’ horror film tackles music’s biggest conspiracy theory

In a new film from Cleopatra Entertainment, director Patrick Fogarty has delved into the realm of one of the most famous conspiracy theories in...

Waterparks spark chaotic conspiracy theory with mysterious tweet—UPDATED

UPDATE: MARCH 28, 03:26 P.M. EST After Waterparks began teasing a conspiracy theory of their own, we spent an ample amount of time thinking about...
travis barker tom delonge

Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge used to look for UFOs together

"Let's get high and look for UFOS." So illustrates Travis Barker of a typical suggestion his one-time blink-182 bandmate Tom Delonge would utter to him...
YouTube fact-checking feature

YouTube to push fewer conspiracy theory videos in United States

YouTube has recently announced that they will be pushing fewer conspiracy theory videos in your recommended box. The announcement comes in the form of...
Bird Box

This might be why there are so many ‘Bird Box’ memes

Conspiracies are circulating on Twitter about the staggering amount of Bird Box memes. Not only are there hundreds upon hundreds of Sandra Bullock memes,...
Avril Lavigne performs "Head Above Water."

Avril Lavigne confronts conspiracy theory that she’s a clone

Remember the conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne was replaced by a clone? She responded to those far-fetched and infectious rumors in a new radio...
twenty one pilots conspiracy theories

13 Twenty One Pilots ‘Trench’ video trilogy theories that will hurt your head

Twenty One Pilots unleashed “Levitate” earlier today, the third part of their trilogy—or is it? As is the case with anything the duo have...

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