Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tag: conspiracy theory

My Chemical Romance Smashing Pumpkins conspiracy theory

My Chemical Romance are emulating the Smashing Pumpkins⁠—here’s why

Despite rumors constantly circulating on social media, between the MCR fanbase and on news outlets, the group remained silent. On June 7, Joe Jonas...
the 27 Club

‘The 27 Club’ horror film tackles music’s biggest conspiracy theory

In a new film from Cleopatra Entertainment, director Patrick Fogarty has delved into the realm of one of the most famous conspiracy theories in...

Waterparks spark chaotic conspiracy theory with mysterious tweet—UPDATED

UPDATE: MARCH 28, 03:26 P.M. EST After Waterparks began teasing a conspiracy theory of their own, we spent an ample amount of time thinking about...
chuck e cheese

Chuck E. Cheese denies YouTube conspiracy that it reserves old pizza

YouTuber Shane Dawson recently dropped a conspiracy theory about Chuck E. Cheese pizza, and the chain has denied his claims. Dawson, a popular YouTuber...