Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Coronavirus Dr. Phil

Coronavirus challenge toilet seat-licker says Dr. Phil is part of the Illuminati

The social media wonder that is Ava Louise has done it again, this time with Dr. Phil. Does Ava Louise not ring any bells?...

OP-ED: The coronavirus pandemic is not the end of your band

The coronavirus pandemic is making things hard for a lot of people. But nobody thought it was going to decimate both our leisure time...
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10 ways to help bands and your music scene amid the coronavirus pandemic

For a virus that mimics symptoms of the flu, coronavirus has turned all of our lives into a real-life horror movie. Despite calls to...

Coronavirus concern to impact future concerts in WA, CA with event ban

Coronavirus is now beginning to affect the United States as rapidly and uncompromisingly as other parts of the world. As of March 11, Washington...