Monday, March 25, 2019

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10 essential songs from the ’90s

Thrift-store flannels, stovepipe pants, track suits, severe haircuts, red baseball hats worn backward and the occasional hat that was designed by Dr. Seuss. Nineties...

10 actors who could play scene icons

If our fave scene icons were to head to the big screen, we'd already have some dream cast members picked out to take on...

10 movies about rock (that aren’t ‘School of Rock’)

From Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World's amazing, fuzzed-out soundtrack featuring Beck and Metric to Green Room's blood-soaked and suspenseful tale around punk band The...

The 1975 readying their triumphant return

With a newly launched countdown set to expire October 8 at 6:00 p.m. EST, fans can expect new material from their favorite indie rockers,...

La Dispute post cryptic countdown

La Dispute posted a cryptic countdown on their website, after several months of silence. The countdown ends on December 16. More news from the band coming soon. 

Alexisonfire launch mysterious countdown on website

Alexisonfire have launched a countdown on their website with no explanation. Recently, guitarist Wade MacNeil tweeted about a possible farewell tour followed by guitarist/vocalist...

The Starting Line release countdown hint; play on “The Best Of Me” lyric

The Starting Line have posted a hint on their facebook about the recently released countdown. The update links to the countdown saying "Tell me...

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