Friday, July 10, 2020

Tag: dark horse

Gerard Way my chemical romance

Gerard Way re-releasing Killjoys graphic novel with new cover art, more

My Chemical Romance are back together. More people are listening to their music, buying their merch and chatting about the emo warlocks. Thus, it...
The Umbrella Academy

‘The Umbrella Academy’ misfit Klaus to star in prequel comic book series

The Umbrella Academy took the world by storm even before it received its very own Netflix show. The super-powered academy rose to prominence under...
the umbrella academy

‘The Umbrella Academy’ book to go behind-the-scenes of Netflix show

The Umbrella Academy has been an incredible success. Both the television series and the graphic novels have taken off. Due to the hype surrounding...
Katy Perry

Katy Perry copyright trial could bring Myspace views into play

In the year of 20NineScene it looks like Myspace will come into play in a copyright infringement trial regarding a popular Katy Perry track....