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mike shinoda ziggurats music nft

Mike Shinoda teases ‘ZIGGURATS,’ upcoming music and NFT project

Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda will release his new music project ZIGGURATS in early December. The solo music/NFT art hybrid project is expected to be...
eclectic method, nft, crypto art

Video remix pioneer Eclectic Method is finding new success in crypto art

"Our first NFT was Mecha Tunnel on Rarible," Eclectic Method explains. "We made 20 copies and priced them at 0.15 ETH each, or about...
Elon Musk Gamestop stocks

Elon Musk is backing Reddit’s GameStop stocks ploy again—here’s why

If you haven't turned on the news this week or aren't involved in stocks, then you might not be aware of what is going...